Monday, 26 January 2015

Threads of Peace

Threads of Peace
Threads of Peace; sample cover for new range of Artist Books.  Hand knit which has been hand felted with wire & beads.  All materials have been re-claimed from various sources.

Threads of Peace detail
A winter visual influence thoughts of nesting and feeling safe, warm comforted within the harshness of winter.

Fallen Nest January 2015

Carrie Scott Huby    Artist weaver of Image process and Story

woollen yarn  resource  kindly donated by Area Rugs and Carpets

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Ties of Peace

Ties of Peace

Ties of Peace are products from thoughts of deliberation upon “what is peace”?
Also with the notion that if those in governance were to wear a knitted tie would there be a kinder more nurturing world society?

Ties of Peace is part of The 'Stitchery Collection'

‘Stitchery’ is a collection of re-claimed woollen knitted sculptures and artist books. My starting point is the process of traditional techniques.  I use the interplay of the different media to emphasise the individual qualities of process and media.  I allow work to emerge intuitively whilst holding a specific intent of outcome thus resulting in its unique visual narrative.

For ‘Stitchery’ I have explored the cyclical nature of life of things with a focus on aspects of  historical and contemporary perspective.


Carrie Scott Huby          Artist    Weaver of Image Process and Story
I create beautiful, unique collector’s edition fine art prints and artist’s books which tell a personal story. They are hand crafted with decisive combined media making a heritage gift for an intimate experience.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Artist Book Womanhood for Leeds Roller Dolls Roller Derby Exhibition Leeds, West Yorkshire

Leeds Roller Dolls
Hit so Hard Exhibition
My new work Womanhood- Energy, Forceful, Power, Womanhood was a response to a call to create new work to exhibit along with Jason Ruffell Leeds Roller Dolls official photographer. I wished to portray energy and emotion through a formal structure of handmade book.
The Exhibition is from 17th January 2014 - 10th February 2015 at Inkwell, LS7 3LW


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Silent Witness grows into Bear Witness

John Richard Scott and unknown compatriot during World War One.

Silent Witness is an ongoing investigation into how our familial knowledge and experience has shaped our individual patterns of thought and action and how this can be brought into the here and now and manifest collective change.

Bear Witness is about taking active responsibility for our thinking and outward action to manifest a nurturing environment and community.

Since becoming a mother my inward creative and personal exploration has naturally become more strongly about the 'other' and how our interactions effect change.

Silent Witness began during an Artist Residency, whereby I took the opportunity to indulge time and thought into why I have been intrigued by a photograph of my grandfather in his World War One Soldiers Uniform. And how society has shunned and kept silent the ongoing personal and collective trauma of War.

My findings are in no way conclusive. My investigation is focused on the smallest thought can influence change with collective thinking.

My methods of understanding and exploration always begin with drawing and painting. I continually observe and absorb the world around me. A specific impetuous will begin a new line of enquiry this is always something I feel great passion for. Whether a social comment or new understanding of scientific theory on BBC four.

At the essence of by being and Art Practice is the continual search of the complete state of beauty.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

'Silent Witness' Installation

'Silent Witness'- Shadow Self, Photograph.

'Silent Witness' Painting

The above images are part of 'Silent Witness' Trilogy 1, to acompany the 2D works there is a short real time film.

Silent Witness Installation is expressed by different forms of media works which denotes ‘Regeneration’ by way of archetypal metaphor; the different media is to effect the connections of archetype on many levels.

Silent Witness portrays; the physical rebirth of Wakefield, the storehouse of history; cyclical vision and creativity.

The symbolism of trees represents perpetual regeneration therefore signifying ‘life death life’ cycle which is a focus in my Creative Practice. The imagery of Silent Witness depicts the winter of life, the shadow self, the seeds of new beginnings.

'Silent Witness' is my current installation as part of the opening of The Hepworth, Wakefield.

The Hepworth, Wakefield, Gallery Opening .

My 'Silent Witness' Installation can be viewed as part of The Wakefield Art Walk 25th May 2011 5-9pm.


At The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE.
01924 377740

Carrie Scott-Huby


'Silent Witness' can be viewed at The Art House, Wakefield, UK; this is a seank preview to my Exhibition and Residency in January & February 2012 at The Art House.

Dance Art

A quick review of the year so far.

I began the year by partaking in Turvey World Dance;

I once again enthusiastically joined other dancers and performed Contemporary Dance at Huddersfield Art Gallery, Yorkshire, UK. The inspiration was the John Cage Exhibition. Sheer delight.

I undertook contemporary dance classes at Yorkshire Dance. I was fortunate to explore a current exploration of self shadow.

I do plan to perform more dance drawing as part of my developing studies of 'Silent Witness' .

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Developments


Carrie Scott-Huby will be part of ‘From Outside’ where you will see The Art House presenting video works projected onto their windows. These were produced during a day workshop for artists, which were facilitated by locally and internationally renowned artist Vicky Lucas. The videos represent what The Art House symbolizes is to each artist. In addition; The Art House is holding an exhibition of two groups' work. The groups attend weekly workshops at the Art House facilitated by Artists. The groups are Wakefield Visually Impaired Group and The Alzheimer’s Society: Carrie Scott-Huby delivers art classes to adults.

‘Take a walk on the wild side and experience Wakefield's alternative night out!’
When: Wednesday 26th January
Time: 5pm - 9pm
Where: Wakefield
Full listings for this month's Artwalk are now available by clicking here.

Artist Seeker and Narrator of Beauty Creative Facilitator