Monday, 2 March 2015

woven nests

Woven nests
pondering on the action of weaving a nest for gathering seeds of kindness.

Carrie Scott Huby Artist….weaver of image, process and story.


Monday, 23 February 2015


Gather your seeds and nest your kindness
collage drawing, words, paint, pencil.
Carrie Scott Huby 2015

Carrie Scott Huby  Artist weaving image, process and story.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Nest your kindness

Further deliberations on nesting. Creating a beautiful surround to feel comforted and allow room to ponder and be kind to oneself.

Artist Book Nest your kindness
Limited edition collograph print, words, collage hand knit re-claimed  wool yarn hand felted with locally sourced fleece with copper wire & bead detail.

Monday, 2 February 2015

thought for the day

What really interests me is whether God had any choice in the creation of the world.  Albert Einstein

taken from  the book based on the BBC Programme Human Universe by Professor Brian Cox & Andrew Cohen

nest structure & comfort


Knitted copper wire and hand felt comforter
Carrie Scott Huby   A rtist Weaver of Image Process and Story

Monday, 26 January 2015

Threads of Peace

Threads of Peace
Threads of Peace; sample cover for new range of Artist Books.  Hand knit which has been hand felted with wire & beads.  All materials have been re-claimed from various sources.

Threads of Peace detail
A winter visual influence thoughts of nesting and feeling safe, warm comforted within the harshness of winter.

Fallen Nest January 2015

Carrie Scott Huby    Artist weaver of Image process and Story

woollen yarn  resource  kindly donated by Area Rugs and Carpets

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Ties of Peace

Ties of Peace

Ties of Peace are products from thoughts of deliberation upon “what is peace”?
Also with the notion that if those in governance were to wear a knitted tie would there be a kinder more nurturing world society?

Ties of Peace is part of The 'Stitchery Collection'

‘Stitchery’ is a collection of re-claimed woollen knitted sculptures and artist books. My starting point is the process of traditional techniques.  I use the interplay of the different media to emphasise the individual qualities of process and media.  I allow work to emerge intuitively whilst holding a specific intent of outcome thus resulting in its unique visual narrative.

For ‘Stitchery’ I have explored the cyclical nature of life of things with a focus on aspects of  historical and contemporary perspective.


Carrie Scott Huby          Artist    Weaver of Image Process and Story
I create beautiful, unique collector’s edition fine art prints and artist’s books which tell a personal story. They are hand crafted with decisive combined media making a heritage gift for an intimate experience.